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You are a comedy connoisseur.  A gourmand of guffaws.  You want to experience all the finery that the Queen City Comedy Festival has to offer.

The VIP Pass will get you into any of the 15 shows offered on Friday and Saturday nights.   

Plus!  Each VIP Pass comes with a free high-quality festival t-shirt (so everyone will recognize!)

*Limited # of passes available

*Final t-shirt design may vary




You love comedy, but you are a discriminating fan (broke).  The Cheap Ass Pass gets you into any show, but only after the show has started and only if it doesn't sell out.


Also comes with a t-shirt, but not the high quality festival tees.  Ones that we had laying what Quentin Tarantino gave Jules and Vincent in Pulp Fiction.  

*Limited # of passes available

*Shirt design will for sure vary


Buy single tickets to all your favorite shows


Attend one of the many workshops.  We've got something for every age and skill level!

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