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Help Keep Our Mission Alive!

Queen City Comedy is an artist collective based in Charlotte, NC. We are dedicated to GROWING the comedy scene locally and around the globe by building COMMUNITY, fostering COLLABORATION, showcasing our great TALENT, celebrating QUALITY work and making AWESOME comedy for everyone.

Queen City Comedy is a 501-C Non Profit organization that is committed to equality and justice in the arts. We are pleased to offer tuition to our online and in person classes and workshops to students and performers who are from historically under-represented groups. This includes race, ethnicity, orientation, or disability.  We also recognize that these are difficult times and economic hardship shouldn't be a barrier to growing in the arts.  Your contribution helps a deserving student to attend our classes and workshops


In addition to donations funding our scholarship programs, your generosity helps keep our Global Improv teams funded. These teams allow players from around the world to connect, play, perform and be coached without any cost to them.

PayPal Donation link

   Donate via Venmo to         @QueenCityComedy               (704-754-3676) 


Be a Scholarship Recipient 

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