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July 28th at 7pm

You've got FRIENDS in Uptown places! This show, lovingly inspired by the 90's phenomenon FRIENDS, celebrates the adventures of your favorite group of 20-somethings as they navigate the pitfalls of work, life and love in 1990s Manhattan.
You should buy your tickets now, seriously it’s a “Moo Point”! We’ll make you yell “Oh my God” at least “seven” times and ask “how you doin” throughout the show. We’ll start with music and trivia. Then, we’ll “pivot” to some standup and improv that feels “Friends-like”! It’ll be a “Spit-on-your-neck fantastic" show where you are a part of the action! Featuring Charlotte's best performance artists, including comics, improvisors, and more! It's a wild, uncensored, fast-paced, music-filled romp. Bring your friends or bring your “lobster”! 

Want more fun? Come at 3pm and Learn Improv with Your Friends!

Meet the Cast


Improv and Producer

Cale Evans is an actor, improviser, host, coach, trainer and producer. He began his improv training at Charlotte Comedy Theater where he is now a coach. He is the Founder of Queen City Comedy and Now are the Foxes Improv Comedy. Cale also performs with Improv Charlotte.

When not on stage, Cale can be heard on the wildly popular podcast - The Podcast from Hell and Bat Boys Comedy Podcast.

Cale co-produces the Queen City Comedy Experience with Blumenthal Arts Center and the Charlotte Comedy Zone.

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Improv and Music

Chandler Smith threw away his successful corporate career to pursue the arts. His in-laws were so thrilled!!!! As a musician, he's taken to improv somewhat naturally, though he feels there’s still so much to learn. He just loves performing whatever way he can. 

Chandler performs regularly at Charlotte Comedy Theater. He performs with Fake Adults and is one of the music directors for their Musical Improv Team Crescendo.  Chandler can also be seen on stage with Unknown Local Celebrities of CCT.


Improv and Instructor

Drew took their first improv classes at Charlotte Comedy Theater in February 2022, and has been infatuated with the art form ever since then. Upon graduating they have performed consistently with multiple improv teams at CCT including Crescendo Musical Improv as well as Bummerland Sketch Comedy. Drew also performs at Acting Out Studio with Sudden Depth and with Fremmeprov around Charlotte.

They've also taken workshops from individuals outside their typical instructors to add additional skills to their improv toolbelt. They believe improv has the power to heal, destress, and unite the world.



Jenice Matias is a storyteller, actress, singer, dancer and solo performer who recently relocated to North Carolina. She has performed in US, England and Cuba.

Jenice has written and performed several solo shows and comedy sketches for UCB, People improv theater and the Magnet theater in NYC. For the last 4 years, Jenice has been a member of the Queen City Comedy Online Community.

She is a special service teacher, mother grandmother. and a mental health advocate. To learn more about Jenice, check our her website:



Jessica Noll is a transplant to Charlotte. She has been performing improv for 9 years. She began with Alchemy Comedy Theater in Greenville, SC in 2015. During her time at Alchemy, Jess performed on several teams and was a part of the New South Comedy Festival.

Since moving to Charlotte in 2018, Jess has been a member of the award winning improv ensemble Now Are the Foxes. With the Foxes, Jess has performed at the Blumenthal Arts, The Queen City Comedy Experience and more!



John Bonds is an Atlanta, GA native, having moved to Charlotte in 2019. Most recently, he has starred in award winning short film, “Gotcha”, the feature film “Another Christmas”, and the limited series “Ogden”.


John performs live sketch comedy with ScrewUp TV and live improv with Mom’s Adhesive.

With just over 7 years of on camera training, John has found a passion for storytelling and building dynamic and entertaining characters. Beyond the stage, John entertains his five year old daughter with silly faces, voices, and characters.



Kevin Delgado is a comedian, improviser, and writer based in North Carolina. Known for his versatility, he tours extensively across the U.S., performing at comedy clubs and theaters.

He is a coach and regular performer at the Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte. You can she him at Improv Game Night and during Faculty Hours. 

Delgado has opened for well-known comedians like Dulce Sloan, Josh Gondleman, and Michael Palascak. He is a regular performer at the Comedy Zone Charlotte and Raleigh Improv. Additionally, you might have seen some of his work on Adult Swim.



Mary Scott prides herself on the ability to stress about writing bios for websites. She's a West Virginian Italian, hair stylist, business owner, and she love dogs and being outside 💚🐾

If she's not doing improv or styling hair, Mary is probably watching Parks and Rec. She loves to call myself a reader and said  "I’m not yet, but damn, do I love to call myself one. Improv saved my life because therapy was getting too expensive!" Which makes Mary being on the Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte improv team named Therapy Adjacent, all the more poetic.

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MonaLisa Musiq is the founder of the 4 piece Neo-Soul Band, GROOVEFOOD, & runs MONALISA MUSIQ LLC which offers commissioned & licensed music, recording sessions, & private lessons in Piano Voice Clarinet Songwriting Theory Ear Training & MORE!

To stay up to date on her shows go to follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Her music is available on multiple platforms including Apple Music.

MonaLisa Musiq is a favorite at Queen City Comedy and has performed in several show a Taylor Swift Review and the Queen City Comedy Experience.



Natascha Shipp is known for All We GotOgden and Recovery. This Charlotte native is an actress, writer, and producer. She performs live sketch comedy and improv with ScrewUp TV and Mom’s Adhesive. Shipp has trained at Northwest School of The Arts and Acting Out Studio; studying theater, screen acting, and Chicago-style long-form improv that focuses on storytelling and dynamic characters.

Much of her work is pulled from her childhood and has allowed her the opportunity to spread hope to those who may be struggling. Natascha has been selected to break generational curses that need to be healed and will continue to pose the question; Can we genuinely heal from our past trauma?



New York born actor, writer, producer, choreographer PJ Barnes, like most, started performing early in his life. From putting on shows for his family, he eventually stumbled onto the wonderful world of Theatre in middle school, where he first took the stage. Always driven by his obsessive creativity, PJ is noted for writing most of the material he appears in. A huge fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and comic books, PJ was determined to stretch the borders of reality in his work, putting his characters in incredible situations. 

PJ is the Co-Founder of ScrewUp TV, a member of Mom's Adhesive Improv and most recently created the Charlotte Comedy Network.



Skylar Schock considers herself a true California girl. She earned her BA at the University of California, San Diego and then attended UCLA's Professional Program in Acting for the Camera. Skylar most recently earned her MFA in Acting Performance at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and is an alumni of the Kennedy Center Playwrighting Intensive and the Gatley Poole Meisner Acting Intensive.

Skylar is a Bi-Coastal Actor and Stand Up Comic who enjoys writing and producing as much as she enjoys a house rose at happy hour. Her goal is to continue creating film and television projects that showcase complicated female narratives and champion diverse stories and storytellers.

Meet Your Host


Host & Instructor

Karla Dingle (she/her) has spent her life on the stage. She began taking theater classes at age 5 and continued to study acting until receiving her Bachelor’s Degree. Karla began performing improv in Charlotte in 2009 and continues to educate herself through workshops and classes at Second City, Hoopla, The Groundlings and more. Currently, Karla is the Education Director and an Instructor at Queen City Comedy in Charlotte, NC in the US. She is also the Improv Director and an Acting Instructor at a local studio in Charlotte, NC. You can see her performing with Now are the Foxes Improv Comedy, Close Distance Improv, and British American Experience. Karla is also an actor and voiceover artist.​

Karla’s passion besides performing is teaching and coaching. Over the last several years, Karla has instructed students from Peru, Israel, India, Canada, Japan, Europe, South Africa, the Philippines and beyond. In addition, she has been a guest instructor at the Improv Fest Ireland, Vintage Improv Festival in Boston, Highwire Improv in Baltimore, The Nursery in London, Virtual Hug Improv in Manila, Liverpool Comedy Improv and the Bangalore Improv Community. Most recently, Karla was selected as a 2023 Theater IDA Artist in Residency in Zurich, Switzerland. Karla’s students can be seen in feature films for Netflix and Amazon Prime as well as television series and voiceover work. Additionally, her students have been featured in commercial campaigns for CVS, Lending Tree, Food Lion, Atrium Healthcare and more.

Come Play and Learn Before the Show!

A Friends Day Out You'll Never Forget!

Try something new with your friends! In this one day workshop, you’ll laugh, make connections, learn improv and figure out how to pivot on stage and off. No experience necessary. Workshop taught by Drew Coleman and Karla Dingle.

Then, grab a bite to eat and come back for our THE ONE WITH ALL THE LAUGHS show at 7pm. It'll be comedy, music and trivia all inspired by our favorite sitcom - FRIENDS! 

What is improv?

It is an art form where the performers make up the theatre on the spot. It is a great tool for public speaking, connecting with others and being flexible in the moment.

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