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Now Are the Foxes
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Blayr Nias

Blayr Nias is not your average female comic.  When she hits the stage it's with manic energy and high octane humor.  Her trademark mega-watt smile has given her the nickname "GummyBlayr".  Winning audiences over across the country with a dynamic stage presence, she shares her misadventures as 'The Bad Girl Next Door'.  This Massachusetts native graduated from the George Washington University with a degree in Theater and Creative Writing.  

In 2012 she was featured in the Pink Collar Comedy Tour at the Piccolo Spoletto Festival in Charleston, SC and performed later that year in the Laugh Your Asheville Off Festival in Asheville, NC headlined by Jim Gaffigan.  That year she was also a featured artist in the Charlotte Video Project, a collection of short films about the culture of the city.  

In May 2013 she won the "Best of the Best" Award for Best Twitter Feed presented by Charlotte Magazine. She was also voted Top 30 Under 30 by Elevate Lifestyle Magazine in their June 2013 issue.  In September 2013, Blayr was a regional finalist in Comedy Central's Up Next Comedy Competition.   


She was honored again by Charlotte Magazine in May 2014, in the "Best of the Best" Awards issue as Best Comedian.  She was  also named "Hostest with the Mostest" by Creative Loafing Magazine for the Almost Famous Comedy Show which she has also produced at The Charlotte Comedy Zone since 2012.  August 2014 she performed on the Festival Stage at the Funny or Die's Oddball Comedy Festival in Charlotte, NC headlined by Louis CK and Aziz Ansari.  Blayr made her network television debut September 2014 on the hit Fox TV show Laughs. She performs at comedy clubs, corporate events, colleges, and even churches.  She has worked with the likes of Ralphie May, Jim Norton, DL Hughley, and Katt Williams. She has lived in the South for the past 10 years giving her a unique blend of Northern Aggression and Southern Charm. 

Charlotte Comedy Theater

Charlotte Comedy Theater is an ensemble of highly skilled comedic performers who improvise scenes and games based on audience suggestions.  Versed in both long and short form improvisation, our ensemble creates high energy, audience interactive comedy that will leave you laughing for days.  Our Chicago roots are evident in our award winning training center, shows, private events and corporate team building workshop. CCT was the first improv theater and training center in Charlotte, and we continue to produce the areas best comedic talent as reflected in our winning "Best of the Best" several years running from multiple publications. CCT is one of those "you had to be there" experiences people talk about that you just won't get until you check it out for yourself. So come on out and see what Charlotte is laughing about. Our shows are still only $12 and we give you at least $52.75 worth of laughter in every show. That's a bargain.

Coco Fresh

Coco Fresh is performing on Saturday night as part of Facebreaker.  

Coco Fresh is a New Jack Female on the comedy scene from Charlotte, NC. A Comedy Zone Comedy School Alumni, Former Host of Club Vibrations Saturday Night Live Broadcast on Charlotte's Old School 105.3FM, and entertainment reporter of ESPN980 The Morning Man Cave, The Hollywood Scoreboard. This little lady’s stories of her childhood nightmares to strip club memoirs will tickle your funny bone enough to have completed an ab exercise. She is no stranger to television and has appeared as a dancer on BET's Born to Dance, 106 and Park, MTV's The Wade Robson Project, and CMT's The Ultimate Coyote. She is also a former danced for the WNBA and NBA.

Stand Up Comedy - Saturday Night

Improv Charlotte

We are a diverse group of friends with different types of humor, different strengths, different weaknesses, different beliefs on a wide variety of different topics, different backgrounds, different styles, totally different occupations, different tastes in movies and very different tastes in music... so many differences about this family we call Improv Charlotte. But we do have a common passion, a common desire to get better at what we do, a common love and respect for our fellow players, a common enthusiasm to help those in need, and one big common goal to bring you the best comedy in the QC. We are Improv Charlotte.

Mom's Adhesive

This three-prov long form improv team performs prides itself on their eclectic story telling, where they air out their dirty secrets and personal truths.  This team not only performs once a month at A.O.S., but they've performed at Tampa Improv Festival, Cape Fear Improv Festival, and the historic Capri Theatre in Gaffney.  


Mom’s adhesive has been known to cause serious side effects such as: fits of hysterical laughter, tummy cramps from said hysterical fits, and an insatiable urge to eat glue.

Now Are the Foxes

You know that group of friends that are ALWAYS fun to be around? The ones with the wicked sense of humor. The dysfunctional but lovable bunch of clowns that have a satirical perspective on EVERYTHING and always make you laugh til your sides ache? No? You don’t have friends like that? Well neither did we, so we made our own.

Our mission is to perform, teach, develop and promote the art of comedy in its many forms; to be a theater comprising members of the community performing for the community; to entertain and surprise the audience and ourselves; and to be a theater of the heart where honesty and love for your fellow performer are the basis for all things that happens on stage.

Off the Cuff

Off the Cuff is CCT’s official Short-Form Team. Short-form is a type of improvisation that is full of energy, quick wit, and laughs. Come check out Off the Cuff in their high octane thrill ride of a comedy show featuring fun games, catchy songs, and tons of audience participation. This show is similar to what you’d see on “Whose Line is it Anyway?” without the sensors.

Robot Johnson

Robot Johnson is made up of an eclectic mix of actors, writers, stand ups, improv and sketch comedy veterans. That mix allows us to create original content shows that will have a little something for everyone and a lot of something for sketch fans.

The group formed in late 2008. Since then, they've written and produced well over a hundred original-content sketch comedy shows. Robot Johnson has over the years won a number of accolades, boons, pittances and windfalls such as a Metrolina Theatre Award in 2009, Charlotte Magazine's Best Sketch Comedy Group in 2010 & 2013, Funniest Twitter account in 2013, Funniest Instagram in 2014. In addition to delighting comedy fans in Charlotte, Robot Johnson performs in comedy festivals across the Southeast including the Charleston Comedy Festival, NC Comedy Arts Festival, The New South Comedy Festival, and Asheville's SketchFest.

Shows are rated R for content and language.

Facebook: Robot Johnson Sketch Comedy 
Instagram: robotjohnsoncomedy
Twitter: RobotJohnson

Ryan Van Genderen

Ryan Van Genderen is performing Saturday night as part of Facebreaker.  Check out his Facebook page by clicking his picture.

Six Cats In a Bed

The 6 CATS formed in 2015 from a common desire to bring character-driven longform improv to the Charlotte area. When not performing, they prefer to lie down on whatever keyboard you're trying to use right now.


6 CATS performs a family-friendly monoscene.

Teenage Handbook

This "La Rhonde" long form Improv team will make any American Apparel ad, look like child’s play compared to their misfit- hipster swagger.  These teens may not have all the answers to life, but they can tell you how to survive the teenage years, while looking cooler than Kim and Kanye at your uncle’s annual family BarBq. 

That's What She Said

Charlotte Comedy Theater presents:  That's What She Said - All female show


Our all female cast performs a stellar longform show that allows you to see the world through our wacky eyes. If you ever thought “chicks aren’t funny”, then you clearly have never seen the ladies of CCT do their thing.

Will Jacobs

Will Jacobs moved from Chester, PA to Charlotte, NC and has been entertaining

crowds with his brand of clever and insightful comedy ever since.  An attorney by

trade, Will brings his engaging brand of comedy from the courtroom to the comedy

club.  Audiences will undoubtedly find him funny as charged.

Will’s comedic perspective on everything from his career to his marriage have made

him one of the hottest acts on the comedy circuit today. His comedy has been

featured on the FOX TV show Laughs.

As a touring comedian, Will performs across the country for clubs, companies,

churches and charities. He has worked with comedy greats like D.L. Hugley and Bob

Sagat.  He is also the host of the Comedy Zone Podcast where he conducts in-depth

interviews with celebrities about their careers and lives away from the spotlight.

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